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13-11-06, 12:24
Hi :)

Iīm make a collection of ALL Tomb Raiderīs PC, PSX and PS2 versions. But i have a special problem with Tomb Raider Chronicles, when i exit the game my windows refresh rate always return to 60hz, why? I used patch for XP but not solved my problem. Is there a tip?

Iīm using Windows XP SP2, SyncMaster 753dfx, windows 1024x768 Refresh Rate 85hz

Tnx :)

13-11-06, 12:26
That is a known bug. There is no fix for it.

Welcome to our forums alisson. :)

13-11-06, 12:52
I use MultiRes (http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/multires.shtm)ultility to quicky restore the refresh rate after playing the game.

13-11-06, 12:59
But you can do the same by right-click ATI Tray-icon.

13-11-06, 13:07
Multires can be started in a batch file so :-

cd\games\Tomb Raider Chronicles
multires.exe /1280,1024,32,85 /exit

13-11-06, 13:37
Oh! :confused: And do you doubleclick on it to restore immediately? Is that how it works?

If so: sounds good and then i want it too! :tmb:

13-11-06, 19:56
Oh! :confused: And do you doubleclick on it to restore immediately? Is that how it works?
No. Better than that. When you exit the game the fresh rate is automatically restored.

In fact I have read the help and there is a better option. You tell Mulires to Lock the refresh rate. When a program changes the refresh rate it will automatically return to the previous setting when the program quits. I tried it with TR5 and it works a treat. :)

13-11-06, 22:58
Hi all :) and tnx for the help

I was testing, and, if i change my desktop screen 1024x768 16bit /85hz, tomb raider Setup 1024x768 16bit, and use Multires to Lock Refresh Rate, no problems :D

But if i set 1024x768 32bit /85hz desktop and tomb raider setup, when exit game change to 60hz :hea: even if Lock Refresh Rate in multires.

Conclusion, is the 32bit problem?

16bit + Lock Refresh = No problems :D
32bit + Lock Refresh = Problems :confused:

And when i change to 32bit donīt see the Intro Logo Loading, only Black screen with loading bar appears. Using 16bit i see all Intro Logo Loading, and the Logo loading on each start level.

:) i will make some more test bye

and sorry for my english ;)

14-11-06, 12:18
Oh yeah it is a known fact that TRC runs better in 16 bit than 32 bit. In 32 bit the inventory background is often black.

14-11-06, 13:22
try a batch file

cd\games\Tomb Raider Chronicles
multires.exe /1024,768,16,60 /exit
multires.exe /1024,768,32,85 /exit