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14-11-06, 15:20
Just wondered about an opinion on this - when playing TR2(main game),the game runs fine,no frame rate issues etc;but...when I play the expansion levels on the 2nd CD ( I have the Premier Collection 2-disc edition),the drive is continuously reading the CD,causing a very slight,but constant,jerkiness to the frame rate..any ideas on why this is only happening on the expansion CD?


Chug a Bug
14-11-06, 23:15
The original TR2 does it too, or at least some do and some don't (mine does.) Tomb Raider Chronicles released a modified Tomb2.exe to fix that problem, but one has never been released for TR2Gold AFAIK.

You could always hunt for the t2Gold.exe no cd version in which you'd lose the music but keep the gameplay, more than that I can't say...

14-11-06, 23:49
It is simple vectra: do not use CD2 for the Gold levels.

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