View Full Version : Soon To Join Xbox 360 Club!

Lara Lover
15-11-06, 21:37
Hi everyone!

OK. My mum has promised me that she'll buy me an Xbox 360 for Christmas. Whoo hooo, can't wait. Although, I'm getting the Xbox 360 Core package, I'm still excitied. ;) The reason why my Mum is purchasing the Core package is because it's alot cheaper. :p But that's OK. When I get money for Christmas, the first purchases will be the 20GB harddrive, Wireless controller, Plug and Charge kit and Gears Of War (Hopefully, I'll get that on Xmas day).

So, I was wondering if people do some reviews on games or there consoles just to give me an idea on what I should expect on Christmas morning! Lol.

Bye! :wve:

15-11-06, 22:05
Congratulations! :D Must be great knowing that your getting a 360 for christmas, the wierdest thing will be getting used to the controller for sure!

16-11-06, 10:40
Congrats and enjoy !!!!!!! ;) :wve: :D

16-11-06, 17:16
Congrats! Although I love the chrome on my premium :P Anyhoo I need a new harddrive already!