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19-11-06, 11:08
I have managed to install Tomb Raider on my computer (XP) using the program provided by tombraiderchronicles.com and i can play it perfectly. But the only problem is, when I try to save it, the game closes and just goes back to Windows desktop and i have to start all over again. I need help, as i dont really want to attempt to go through the whole game in one sitting without dying!

Zelda master
19-11-06, 11:42
this should be in the Technical Support:)

and its a known bug i dunno how to solve it

19-11-06, 20:33
You'll get more help here in Technical Support section.
Welcome to the forums BTW :wve:

19-11-06, 22:22
Hi wilbo. You say that happens when you try to save. Now i want to know how you think you should save, what method you use to get dumped to desktop.

To save during gaming (quicksave), press the F5 key. F6 to load.

21-11-06, 23:01
Hi, thanx for your replies. I have tried to save by two ways: 1. By actually going into the menu, entering the passport and selecting save game and 2. By using the shortcut (F5). They both send me back to the desktop

21-11-06, 23:22
Hi Wilbo. That is not normal. Did you install VDMSound v2.10? Let us look into your PC. Please click on following link Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) , select to RUN it, then post the complete result in your next reply. :)