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20-11-06, 22:13
i downloaded a game to put on my psp (hot shots golf) and i put it on my psp and the icon/thumbnail comes up and i press x and it saysi cant play it cause it is corrupted. i downloaded from pspblender.com i don't know what to do. i payed for this service and it doesnt even work!!!! plz tell me if i am doing something wrong!

20-11-06, 22:15
Someone in the loop should help you out soon, Goth (fingers crossed).


20-11-06, 22:30
Sorry i can't help. But you payed for that service so refer to their support site. :)

20-11-06, 22:41
ok :(

20-11-06, 22:56
its not homebrew is it?

Lord Icon
20-11-06, 23:54
If the game got corrupted during the download you will probably have to re-download it. But as Joseph already said contact their support.

21-11-06, 02:38
ummm i think his talking about A PSP GAME(sony's rights)=iso=privacy:p

i dont think this is a demo for psp,Mod can you please close this thread thanks.

21-11-06, 02:53
What do you mean abraham "privacy", you mean piracy?

21-11-06, 09:30
;) lol woops yes,spelling:D

21-11-06, 14:22
Paying for pirated software intitles you to nothing, if you want a game buy it, at least then if it does not work you can get your money back

21-11-06, 15:19
Stop talking about piracy guys i don't know why you are. PSP Blender (http://www.pspblender.com/) is the service he paid for and that's OK. :)

21-11-06, 20:38
i think i am supposed to dongrade my firmware or something

21-11-06, 21:02
If you think that then let nothing hold you back or something. ;)

21-11-06, 21:14
the only problem is is that i don't think they have downgrading system for version 2.80 which i have

21-11-06, 23:13
PSP Blender downloads need firmware 1.5 or at least a 2.71 psp to downgrade from. including any homebrew games or apps you may get

You cannot downgrade from 2.8 I am afraid, but word is it might possible soon, so don't upgrade unless necessary (i.e a game needs it)

As for the the question is psp blender legal.... depends on who you listen to... and what laws you are breaking in your country at the time. There is a lot of grey area at the moment with downloading against sharing for others to download (i.e P2P). Some games they provide for download seem to be copyrighted.

21-11-06, 23:27
In most countries it would be considered illegal to download full versions of copyright protected games not to mention movies, TV shows and music. The site hosts nothing so they are fine, as l understand it they do not even have their own trackers but simply provide a link to a search engine that can find what you are looking for. Seems a scam to me, if the same files are available for free if you look :confused:

21-11-06, 23:36
In most countries it would be considered illegal to download full versions of copyright protected games not to mention movies, TV shows and music.
Very true, but at the moment the people being targeted more are uploaders not so much the downloaders.

I am not saying downloading does not hold dangers as regard to the law (not to mention virus and such), not that I myself or I am sure members here condone such actions, but if you are an uploader the dangers of being prosecuted are higher

22-11-06, 02:54
oh loool sorry


pspupdates.com already found a hack that fully enables flash access so you can write to the firmware= downgradeb your psp, Please be patient. Its not fully working yet always check on www.pspupdates.com (http://www.pspupdates.com) for updates

and the new firmware 3.00 is out:)