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22-11-06, 21:13
I've downloaded Egypt:II 's demo from the official site.

Then,when trying to execute it,I receive the following error message " Fatal error: please install the game CD".

Is there any way of solving this situation?

I've already un-installed and installed again more than once.

22-11-06, 21:38
Seems strange.. Have you checked their site for any support tips or contact links? Also see if they have any forums and ask on there, there is more chance of getting a better answer if there is.


Lord Icon
22-11-06, 22:05
Is that TR 1 demo? I haven't play demos for a very long time.

22-11-06, 22:13
No,no:it's from this game "Egypt II: the prophecy of Heliopolis (http://egypte2.tacgames.com/#).

They give us two options: either order the CD with the demo or download it from its site,which I did.

But it keeps requesting I insert the original cd game!:confused:

22-11-06, 22:25
Is that TR 1 demo? I haven't play demos for a very long time.
No that is Egypt 2 demo.


22-11-06, 22:26
That's ridiculous.. where did you find the Download Demo section? I can't find it?
But something makes me think this game doesn't have a demo. If you Google it's demo you will see there are absolutely no results which contain the actual demo.

22-11-06, 22:27
There IS a demo and i'm downloading it right now. French demo. The game itself is in the sales buckets for years here.

22-11-06, 22:41
Adam,go to this site:http://egypte2.tacgames.com/#:
Select French section
Click the fifth figure

And you'll get this:

http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/1435/afjt9.th.jpg (http://img150.imageshack.us/my.php?image=afjt9.jpg)

Thank you,Joseph!

22-11-06, 22:56
It is from 2000. It is not XP compatible. If you patch it, you get the message: "Install from CD". This will not run on XP.

22-11-06, 22:58
'This' meaning the game or the demo?

22-11-06, 23:01
The demo i downloaded. I never bought the game.

22-11-06, 23:03
The game is compatible with XP, that's why I asked.

22-11-06, 23:08
It is from 2000. It is not XP compatible. If you patch it, you get the message: "Install from CD". This will not run on XP.


Now I know there's not really a solution.Once again,thanks for your work!

22-11-06, 23:10
What about compatibility modes? (while not-patched)

22-11-06, 23:13
I don't suppose this would help?

22-11-06, 23:16
I was going to post this link :D!
I'll try it and then I'll give info!

22-11-06, 23:22
That's exactly what i tried in the first place, 3D Gamers.

22-11-06, 23:25
Oh well,it was just a demo.

It would have been worst if I bought the game,just to find out I couldn't play it!

22-11-06, 23:26
You can play the game. But the demo on the other hand appears to be incompatible with XP :(

22-11-06, 23:37
Now i remember my ex bought the game and with the patches it ran on XP. :)

Lord Icon
23-11-06, 00:40
There is a patch that resolves the crashing issue when playing on XP computers but I think is for the full game. Here's the patch (http://www.adventurecompanygames.com/tac/support/pc/patches/egypt2.php) and another one (http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/egyptiitheheliopolisprophecy/patch/1969.html).

Lord Icon
23-11-06, 00:45
Here is a link (http://gamesurf.tiscali.it/dynamic/download/CHIAVE/egyp0600081602101/TIPO_PAGINA/demo) for the demo (an Italian site). Not sure if it is the same you have already.

23-11-06, 02:42
Thank you,Lord Icon!

I'll see the patches. I already have the french demo,though,and,unless the italian demo is correctly patched,the problem should be the same.