View Full Version : my address bar wont come up

24-11-06, 21:58
I cant seem to bring up an address bar at the top of the screen because when I right click at the top of the page, the options are not lit up.

Chloe x

24-11-06, 22:00
View, Toolbars, Address Bar. :wve:

24-11-06, 22:03
Myes, something like Titanium said...

24-11-06, 22:05
yeah it doesnt light up though, lol

24-11-06, 23:20
please please please i'm desperate

24-11-06, 23:31

25-11-06, 00:04
Like Titanium said: View > Toolbars > Address Bar. And then you probably have to grab the small addressbar-block at the right side of the screen and move it 2 centimeters down, so that it opens; it will stay opened from now on.