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25-11-06, 15:03
There is no sound comeing from my computer at all. No it's not muted

25-11-06, 15:51
It IS muted obviously, only we don't know yet how. ;) Your post is extremely uninformative, so that triggers all sorts of questions which is very inconvenient of you to do.

Do you have speakers connected at all?
If yes, did you have sound before?
If yes, since when has it stopped? What have you done just before it happened?

25-11-06, 16:12
well it's not mute, i dont have speakers (unless the ones that are on th emoniter count).
Of course i had sound before.
It started this morning

25-11-06, 16:17
Check the cables. One goes to your graphics card /out plug, another to your sound/out or USB. One may have come loose...

25-11-06, 16:33
nevermind fixed

25-11-06, 17:12
Well thank you very much for your help. ;)

25-11-06, 17:29
thanks joseph. (even though the problem was neither of the things you mentioned).

25-11-06, 18:15
It's allright. But you see: by posting you attracted attention, and i took time to respond. Also, this forum is a helpfull place for everybody who could read about a problem they have themselves and might be interested about the way the problem is fixed.
You weren't informative about the problem, and not about the solution. No offense intended, but this is exactly the way we do not like to see problems posted. It makes us feel :cen: . I hope you understand. :)

25-11-06, 19:55
..the problem was neither of the things you mentioned..

so what was the problem?..as Joseph said,for the benefit of anyone else who has this happen..

25-11-06, 22:24
sorry. Well the sound wasnt muted so i didnt think to go into the volume section of the settings (i thought it would be the same as the little bar in the corner) Well it was just the sound for the Moniter had been switched of, so it kinda indirectly was muted

26-11-06, 02:15
Aha! Thanks xcrushterx! :tmb: