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27-11-06, 16:25
Hi Joseph :wve:
I want to get David a new mouse (probably Logitech MX 518) as a present. Are they generally compatible with any (older) PC or are there certain things I have to watch out for?

Thank you (you well of wisdom :D )

27-11-06, 16:41
Compatible! :tmb: Don't worry Gabi (you well of sweetness). :)

27-11-06, 16:43
It should work. Most mice nowadays are USB, and even somewhat older PCs support them. Even if they dont, most new mice have a converter with them which allows you to convert the USB port into a Serial-PS2 socket.


27-11-06, 16:51
That's right. :tmb: Btw, Gabi did you know about laser-technology? The MX518 is only optical. But the laser mice are more precise and with higher resolution, which practically means that at the highest resolution you only have to move it 2 centimeters horizontally to cover the full width of a 21" screen @1600x1200. I am talking about the Logitech G7. Its feet are supergliding, and i have it on a glass mat. THE optimal gaming mouse, a super mouse!!! I mean this one for yourself! :)

27-11-06, 16:58
Yes, I have heard of it. But you see, David does not play games on the PC, so it would be a bit like pearls before swines. But I might have a look - I am sure, it will have a lot of other advantages as well.

Thanks for your help, and to Jamie as well.

27-11-06, 17:13
Yes that's why i said "I mean this one for yourself! :)".

But i must say the MX518 is still a very very comfortable one, i have it on my 3d PC. For office work it is just as nice and efficient in the hand as the G7 (or G5 for the wired version), its resolution goes to 1600dpi, the G7 (G5) however reaches 2000 dpi which for gaming is more efficient.