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29-11-06, 23:29
Hi. I have a 1Gigabyte MP3 Player. I use it as a ThumbDrive/USB though, as i have an ipod. Just the other day, I opened the (Removable Drive H:) and I pasted a new file onto it (The Drive had 858mb already full) And I pasted a 3kb File onto it, when it pasted, all the other files just Dissapeared. So all I can see is this 3kb File. And when I choose Properties, It still is full 858mb! This means i cannot add much more, Where are the files? As one of my friends has downloaded some programs for me (As he has broadband) and all 3 files are over 300mb altogether, and he doesnt have a CD burner, meaning the only way to give to me would be to use a Removable Drive (My MP3 Player) But I cant, because the drive is full of 858mb of nothingness!

Please help me


30-11-06, 05:12
Format that device. Right-click This Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management. Right-click the removeable device > Format.

30-11-06, 23:15
Thankyou so much Joseph! It worked! ^^