View Full Version : How do I take a video..........

01-12-06, 19:25
.........of some funny bits that are happening while playing a custome level?
I have never before in my life recorded a video of something on my PC, but I have come across something quite funny (a swimming T-Rex) that I would very much like to keep.
As usual, I do not even know where or how to start. :o
I do have Windows movie maker (no idea, though, if that is useful).
Can someone, please, help me out yet again?

Thank you :wve:

01-12-06, 20:52
Fraps (http://www.fraps.com/download.php) is the tool you need. It allows you to record short (30 second) lengths of real-time gameplay, which are then saved to a folder on your PC.

It's then possible to convert the filetype with other codec programs depending on how you want to use the clip (although this usually isn't necessary, but it can be useful in reducing the filesize for online hosting). Hope that helps :)

02-12-06, 00:17
Great! Thanks for the link. I tried it and it worked (even for me :D ).

Thank you very much :tmb: