View Full Version : Laptop Modem not Recognized

Jade Rae
03-12-06, 01:40
The other day I made a working laptop out of three old laptops I'd had lying around. I currently have Win98 running on it. However it is not recognizing the Modem (typical Win98 problem:( )

Since I took the modem out of another laptop that didn't work I have no idea what brand name the modem is. I looked it over physically too and couldn't find anything on it that would identify it.

Is there any way I could make Win98 recognize it? I really would prefer not to upgrade to xp.:)

03-12-06, 15:56
I strongly recommend Windows XP because that OS is much stronger in recognizing modems than Win98.

Lord Icon
03-12-06, 17:25
Since we don't know what kind of laptop he/she has (RAM, HD, Display adapters, sound card ect.) we can't actually suggest upgrading the 98 to XP, now can we? Maybe his/her laptop can't "take" XP. Especially when we were told that the laptop was made out of three old laptops.

Jade Rae - try Unknown Device Identifier 5.02 (http://www.zhangduo.com/udi.html). Maybe it will help with figuring out what kind of modem you have there.

Jade Rae
04-12-06, 00:20
I'll try it Lord Icon.

The laptop can take xp, but it would be hard on it...It has a four GB hard drive...I also had a 120GB, but that one was dead as a doornail so I had to take the little tiny one. :)

It also only has 128MB of RAM, but I got it for free, so I'm not going to complian. :)