View Full Version : WAD merger not working!!!

kill bill
03-12-06, 02:32
every time i click on it this comes up error 339.:( can some one help me;)

03-12-06, 02:36
omg, goodbye forum.

03-12-06, 08:37
Oh Geckokid, Just... Just seal it, OK? His levels may be crap (Sorry KB! :wve:) but that doesn't, in any way, give you the rights to behave like that! If you want to whine, do it at home, not here! :mad: Your levels may look great, (I really like your "The Beginning" levelset! :tmb:) while his doesn't, but at least try to help him make his levels better! :) He may or may not listen, but at least try! I've seen small changes in KB's level design (From what I've played. ;)) and it looked better and better! His first game was bad, not too bad but bad. The last game he released was actually a bit fun to play! :D I actually wants him to finish his levelsets! :cln: Just to see how he's developed his level design! :)

Anyway, feel free to ban me if I said anything that wasn't OK.

And back to topic: Sorry KB, can't help you, since I don't build levels. Someone will be along shortly (I hope.) with help though! :) :wve:

Good luck with your levelsets! :jmp:

03-12-06, 12:05
Come back, Gecko :(. KB is at least asking valid questions and being coherent now.

On topic: I remember having a similar problem myself but cannot for the life me remember how I fixed it. I'm sure somebody will though, who can.

03-12-06, 12:53
Error 339, isn't that the RTFM error? Error numbers don't say anything to me, but since it happens right on start this sounds like the RTFM error :rolleyes:

kill bill
03-12-06, 14:14
what does that mean.:confused: would it be my stupid graphic card intel :mad: