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03-12-06, 12:36

I've been using Nortons Personal Firewall since about 2001 and so far I think it's done quite well. It seems to alert me to any attacks. But the problem is that it's 5 years old now, and in such a fast moving field as computing 5 years is practically prehistoric. I've aslo found publishers Symantec to have one of the worst customer supports I've encountered so I can't help but have somewhat of a negative impression from that) I regularly download the latest updates but I can't help but feel that it's maybe time for me to retire it. Does anyone have any advice on the matter? Am I worrying without good reason? Any advice appreciated :)

03-12-06, 12:37
Zone Alarm (Pro) :tmb:

Check your PM...

Lord Icon
03-12-06, 12:40
You could try ZoneAlarm (http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/home.jsp). There is a free version of it on their website.

03-12-06, 12:44
Yeah, ZoneAlarms is a great firewall. Small memory usage and its free.

I have started to use AVG Internet Security (the whole package, not just anti-virus) and its great. There is a trial online too.

I would recommend anything other than Norton and McAffee, they are both rubbish and take up lots of resources.


Alex Fly
03-12-06, 12:49
I recommend ZoneAlarm too ! :)

04-12-06, 16:10
Zonealarm definitely. I don't believe any other comes even close in usability. Or lightweightness. Especially now that Symantec Firewall has been discontinued, thanks to Norton who bought the company.

Avast Antivirus and Avira AntiVir are both good, I think Avast is a bit better built.

04-12-06, 16:19
Symantec Firewall has been discontinued:confused: Norton IS Symantec for quite some years! Not discontinued at all. ;)

04-12-06, 16:29
Sorry, lol. I meant the Sygate Firewall.

04-12-06, 16:30
Ahh... OK. :D