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03-12-06, 17:55
Hello, I'm having problems with the framerate in angel of darkness. Everything looks good with max settings, but Lara moves too slow. So I usually play with lower graphic settings and resolutions. But even with lower settings, there seems to be some framerate issues here and there.

Here are my specs:

AMD Turion 64 X2(1.6 GHz)
1024MB of RAM, 100GB hard drive
nVidia geforce 6150 256MB
Microsoft windows xp

Do you think if I up the RAM, the framerate will increase?

03-12-06, 18:06
'Max settings' on AOD is not relevant, better retry using the correct settings for your hardware setup.

Sorry, "nVidia geforce 6150 256MB" is no gaming card. Start with FF (fixed function) and don't touch the rest of the settings.


03-12-06, 18:30
ok thank you, this seemed to help. However, framerate is still a a bit choppy. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey ran fine (at smaller resolutions) without any framerate problems. I don't know why I'm having problems with AOD.

03-12-06, 18:50
Increase of RAM will not help, because the game never requires more than 560+MB.
You have 1024MB (as you say) .. that's really enough.

You are having problems because your graphics card is not designed for gaming.

04-12-06, 01:19
IF you have SCU and press F6 i think, it goes strangley faster!!Well it works becuase mnie usually stays at 30fps and then when i press it,it goes to 60fps:confused: