View Full Version : movie making.

03-12-06, 19:21
were can i DL a free movie maker?
If a free one is against the TOS sorry.

03-12-06, 19:26
I don't know of any free movie makers, but Camtasia Studio (http://www.techsmith.com/download/default.asp) gives a 30 day free trial and it is one of the better ones.

03-12-06, 19:29
im sure windowa movie maker is free, but i dont know how to DL it. I click on the DL thing and it takes me to a tut.

Lord Icon
03-12-06, 19:33
Don't you have WMM with your Windows? It should be in Start - All Programs - Accesories - Entertainment (if I remember correctly since I removed it).

03-12-06, 19:36
oh i do yay.