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04-12-06, 19:15
I'm trying to install TRIII/IV , sold out version on my PC,but I'm having some problems:

The sold-out blue screen appears. I click "Install game" and sold-out 's screen just stays there,looking at me,instead of launching the install!

What do I need to do?

Thank you!

04-12-06, 19:17
At the bottom right corner you should see "Install Game" .

Quicker is to re-put the cd in the tray, Explore CD... find the TR install exe, install from there.

Just checked: i have only TR1 and TR2 from Sold Out. But it should work the same: just circumvent the Sold Out menu by exploring CD etc...

04-12-06, 19:18
At the bottom right corner you should see "Install Game" .

Quicker is to re-put the cd in the tray, Explore CD... find the TR install exe, install from there.

I'll try it :).

No,nothing happens. It's like if I haven't clicked the " install game " option.

Might be a cd related problem?

04-12-06, 19:24
Not sure, but i think the Sold Out software might be trying to establish a internet connection to configure My Talk Fax Pro, which is then blocked by your firewall,...that could be holding it up for some time. Give it some more time?

I'll try on my Sold Out TR2 now (to see its behaviour :pi: )...

04-12-06, 19:31
I just installed TR2 Sold Out. And yes i clicked "Install now" button in the bottom right corner. Game installed and runs fine here. :)

04-12-06, 19:32
Thank you for your time,Joseph.

Actually,the first time this happened,I thought it could be the firewall,so I disabled it.

Now,a weirder thing occurred: I gave up TLR,and tried TRIII instead. I clicked the exe file,and,without the game even started to install,it started to run :confused: !

04-12-06, 19:36
You most probably clicked tr3.exe, not the setup.exe. tr3.exe is the game launcher (so you would play in software mode). Setup.exe is to install the whole thing.

04-12-06, 19:56
Nope. I click install,Sold out asks me if I want help.I say no,and then it returns to the normal menu.I click install again,and the whole thing repeats itself!

Now,finally,a step further :D!

I click setup.exe and a pop - says it was unable to connect to the internet. The point is I've my firewall disabled.

04-12-06, 20:26
Are you using a router maybe?

Anyway, you should be able to install without the software getting access to internet!

See in Control Panel > Folder options > View. Do you have DISabled "Hide extensions for known filetypes"? (you should)

04-12-06, 20:39
Yes,I'm using a router.

I'll now check that.

04-12-06, 20:55
I am using a router as well, like you do; that should not bother the installation at all, Pipolinne!

04-12-06, 21:11
I disabled it,just like you told.

I tried again: Sold - Out only asks "do you want help while installing the game"?

Then,it returns to the initial screen.

I've tried TR-II, and I failed to install it ( which I had previously done) ,too: a pop-up appears " error 91".

It worked! Perhaps it felt it was one minute from being trashed :D!

Besides,what I've told you,I changed nothing,so I really can't understand the motive,but I'm very happy!

Once again,thanks for your time!

04-12-06, 22:02
So what all readers woud like to know now is: is it solved Pipolinne? :)

05-12-06, 02:13
Well,I cannot really tell,once,after disabling what you told me to disable,that failed once more.

When I managed to install,I did nothing different:

My firewall was disabled;my internet on;all conditions were the same.

I really don't know why the fail nor why the sucess.

I shall try TRII once more,though.