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05-12-06, 01:18
Hi all.

I have a problem that is preventing me from finishing TR Revelation.

PS One died but I still have the saves on a memory card made for it. . I can load the saves from the PS One card but it won't save back on it nor will it save to the memory card made for PS 2 so, I am stuck moving forward, as I can not save anymore. Any help would be most appreciated.


05-12-06, 01:45
Hey Dottie, welcome to the forum :wve:
From memory you can only save psone games on a psone card, so thats why it won't work with the PS2 card. Maybe your psone card is full or defective?

05-12-06, 05:11
I have open slots on it. Revelation uses multiple save slots as well. When I try to save over a previous save, it just disappears and the new save isn't there. When I try to save to a new slot, nothing happens. (when I tried to save to the ps2 card, it said it wasn't properly formated or something, so yeah, I can understand that.) I was using it a few months ago on the old psone a few months back with a different game, so I know the card itself isn't bad. hmmmmmm:confused:

05-12-06, 05:31
All I can suggest is another card? I tend to play on psone (despite having a PS2) so this isn't a problem for me. I have 2 cards and they save 'differently'

05-12-06, 05:34
Ps1 memory cards can be used on a ps2( only for saving ps1 games) Ps2 games cannot be saved on a ps1 card though. - Best bet is to buy a new ps1 memory card - load the game on your ps2 from your old ps1 card and then save onto the new one.

05-12-06, 12:45
I also am doing that but my PS1 cards work on my PS2 so I don't know what's wrong. :confused: Maybe try to start a new game and save in an empty slot. Maybe your old saves are somehow corrupt?

06-12-06, 03:54
I guess I will try to see if I can buy a new ps1 card. I hate to have to start over when I haven't even finished it the first time around, but I will if I have to. Thanks, folks.

06-12-06, 04:08
Just sent you a PM asking how you went, then saw this. As jjohn says above you can start of levels on the old card and then take it out and save on a new one - don't lose anything. I'm not a 100% sure but I think you can transfer games across too. It may be a corrupt game too so it may pay to start afresh.