View Full Version : Spyware doctor?

05-12-06, 16:40
Who has spyware doctor? My dad installed it and I've no idea how to turn it up cos there's some SERIOUS pop-ups that I need open :hea:

Thanks xxx

05-12-06, 16:41
I use Spyware Doctor. By "turn it up" do you mean "turn it on"?


05-12-06, 16:42
erm no, sorry I'm a little dyslexic I mean turn it off lol

Legend of Lara
05-12-06, 16:46
I got Spyware Doctor and it works just fine. Every time it pops up just click Minimize and it goes down. :wve: No need to turn it off.

05-12-06, 16:47
Hmm. Well when I wanna open something on "Top Affliates" or whatever it says "Pop up blocked - dazzlingbeauty.net" or whatever :hea:

05-12-06, 17:07
So it's doing its job. ;) Or did you really want it to allow the popups to open? :confused:

05-12-06, 18:24
No worries. I fixed it now :D