View Full Version : What kind of PCI slot do I have?

Anniversary Lara
06-12-06, 19:38

I want to buy a new graphic card but I need to know what kind of PCI slot I have. Is it PCI or PCI express?

Thank you :)

06-12-06, 19:44
That looks like a standard PCI slot to me, but the brown one belowit could be an AGP slot.

Could you post the name of your motherboard so we can make sure?

06-12-06, 19:58
Yes, the picture you posted are standard PCI slots! :D post your motherboard type to make sure what you have. :)

Anniversary Lara
06-12-06, 19:59
Where can I see which motherboard I have?

06-12-06, 20:03
I'll post a link to a tool, hang on....Here (http://www.jozefdekkers.nl/everesthome200.zip)it is: :)

Anniversary Lara
06-12-06, 20:25
It says: PCChips M810DLU and it also says I have 2 PCI slots :) Thank you! :)

06-12-06, 20:27

06-12-06, 22:43
So, no PCI-Express slot, not even an AGP slot; this is a ' micro-ATX' board. It uses onboard graphics chip. The only graphics expansion card type it could carry is a PCI-card.
In this case, for a sensible upgrade you'd have to start with a new motherboard...

EDIT. Your initial question was whether to put in a pci-express or pci. A PCI card would fit, but is a very outdated interface, it would not give you any advantage in DirectX9 games. In practice a PCI graphics card (like Radeon 7000 or GF FX5200 (http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=120005)) would give you no better than basic 2D performance.