View Full Version : Xmas

08-12-06, 09:56
Is everybody ready for this festive season....i got my old xmas songs out today and was poncing about the house listening to them since all my house mates have gone home.:cln:

Put some tinsel on the front door which hasnt been stolen yet (touch wood) put some fairy lights in the kitchen.;)

Its all shaping up rather nice, i just need to get a tree from B&Q now :jmp:

the hooliganz
08-12-06, 10:11
no, im not ready, we're currently busy packing are clothes and finishing all the papers so that we can migrate

08-12-06, 10:16
Oh any where nice?

08-12-06, 11:10
We haven't got our decorations up yet, but they will be up maybe tomorrow :).

08-12-06, 11:37
I'm putting up the Christmas tree tomorrow, actually.

08-12-06, 12:40
I live by myself at atm so it's just a waste of time putting any decorations up.

Tomb of Legends
08-12-06, 13:09
Ah Christmas! Love this time of year! The forums is at its best, gaming at night, sports in the day! Gotta love it!

08-12-06, 19:38
we cant be bothered with a tree, pine needles everywhere... ack. so we are just going to put up paper chains. lots and lots of paper chains. :cln:

08-12-06, 19:40
Our fake tree's been up for weeks, and I've been playing Christmas songs ever since Halloween. :D Call me crazy, but I love this holiday.