View Full Version : How to survive a day at the office!!!

08-12-06, 14:26
1st way

http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/2619/howtosurvive12qw2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

2nd way

http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/5052/howtosurvive22es9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

08-12-06, 14:47
I like the second way! :D

08-12-06, 14:50
The second way looks like the best way :D :tmb:

Alex Fly
08-12-06, 15:06
Lol ! Amazing ! :D

08-12-06, 15:09
yep second way, definateley the best. I CAN'T THINK WHEN THERE'S A COMPUTER IN FRONT OF ME....just waiting to be used aaaahhhh, just the thought makes me all warm inside. :vlol:

08-12-06, 15:19
I'd have thought staying in bed would be the best way :p

:vlol: Nice.

Ada the Mental
08-12-06, 15:52
I think I prefer the second way!Nice future tip,I'll need it when I get a job!:mis:

in these arms
08-12-06, 15:56
Second way is better! :)

da tomb raider!
08-12-06, 16:12
They're both good! :D

Anniversary Lara
08-12-06, 16:26
But the 2nd way can be done only one time otherwise it would be obvious ;) I like it :tmb:

08-12-06, 16:31
The 2nd way wouldn't work because if the tech guy was like me when I used to do that kind of work they would just bring another unit and swap it out taking the old one away to fix it. ;)

Lara Croft!
08-12-06, 17:10
Second way is my choice!!!!:D :D :D

08-12-06, 18:33
LOL :D I would definitely choose the second way.

08-12-06, 19:29
The first way sounds pretty much like how I spend the day at work. :D
I'd try the second way, but unfortunately, it would include an addition: 5 pm-10 pm: Spend the rest of the evening desperately trying to catch up on work, as the deadline is tomorrow! :yik:

08-12-06, 19:40
brilliant. :tmb: ill keep those in mind

Tomb Raider Master
08-12-06, 20:33
The second one is great! :D

08-12-06, 23:09
LOL :vlol: I like them both :vlol:

08-12-06, 23:25
One thinks a great deal at an office :D!