View Full Version : Nvidia 97.44 Display Driver

08-12-06, 18:43
"Tomb Raider: Legend, SLI: No shadows appear when Next
Generation Content is enabled."
This issue was resolved.


08-12-06, 18:48
How many have SLI? Anyway, good you posted this, Emmo! :tmb:

08-12-06, 19:42
I do. It could be better. It runs most games quite nicely but TRL doesn't run too well with the cards I have.

08-12-06, 19:45
Ahh! Good you post, Mr. Burns! Which cards you have in SLI?

I can tell that on my other test-PC, the GF7800GT (single card) is performing horrifically bad in Legend next gen. Which annoys me, and i'll read everything that could cast a light on it.

08-12-06, 19:48
2x 6600GT. Even in SLI mode, Legend in next gen doesn't run too well with these cards.

08-12-06, 19:55
GF7800GT single card runs Quake4 and DOOM3 very well. :)
But poorly bad on Need For Speed Most Wanted and Legend Next Generation. :(

08-12-06, 19:58
the two 6600GT's run Battle for Middle Earth 2 quite nicely. I'm not sure how the higher end SLI cards run but so far, I've found that SLI isn't all that the "hype" it's cracked up to be.

08-12-06, 20:32
These drivers are for 8800 series cards only. I can only dream about one of these cards, and I'm sure Santa Claus will not bring it to me this year, maybe next ;)

08-12-06, 20:45
Hi Zebius. I'm sure Santa Claus will not bring it to me this year, maybe next ;)If a year from now, Santa will try to surprise you bringing one of these, you should stop believing him! :D (As you know, year old card = outdated.)