View Full Version : Something ate my harddrive capacity.

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08-12-06, 19:23
You might have to update your Intel chipset drivers. Known problem to not recognize real capacity above 137 GB. Solved in newer Intel chipset driver.

Please download and install Everest Home (http://www.jozefdekkers.nl/everesthome200.zip)
On the left you'll see a rootstructure. In the right-side panel you'll see the details. Make sure on the left side you have Everest Home selected (so: the top item). Please right-click in the right-side panel (anywhere on text), select Copy All, then paste into your next reply.

08-12-06, 19:24
Start menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

Select Disk Management from the list in the left hand panel. It will display the status of your disks. See if the drive has any unallocated space left on it.

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09-12-06, 16:54
Oh yes, that's right: it was fixed in the updated Intel Chipset inf, but also with ServicePack 2! :) Either one or the other you had to install.
Any XP user should install SP2 anyway, so then it was fixed. :)