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09-12-06, 04:55
Lately, I've been having this artists block. I can't seem to draw how I used to. Before, I seemed to draw something on paper with ease. Now it's the complete oposite. What frustrates me most is that this has been going on for a while now. Also, my inspiration has been lacking ALOT! Please, if anyone can help me get out of this mess. :(

the hooliganz
09-12-06, 05:37
it also happened to me before but not drawing, writing, i can't write poems, which freaked me out, what i did was spent the rest of the day resting, i ask some of my friends what can i write, then it return

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09-12-06, 05:54
dont worry matey the same thing has happend to me before and the worst part is i go to art college lol. just take a break or try doing something new that ya wouldnt normally do like paint or draw but in differnt textures etc like draw using a stick and some ink. i have a passion for drawing ppl but sometimes i have to do something new even if i dont like it because i get bored or like you have which is a block where you arnt as good as your were. dont worry your ability to draw hasnt gone its just hiding. sometimes it also happens if you havent drawn for soooo long and you end up having to learn how to draw again. hope that helped :-)

09-12-06, 09:15
I know the feeling amitabha. Try doing something different to what you'd usually draw - or with a different medium like lita said - or maybe an art challenge like the one here (http://coltar.deviantart.com/journal/), where you have to work through a list of themes chosen for you. Experiment and work outside your comfort zone to see if anything special happens. :)

09-12-06, 12:40
This mostly results from the lack of frequent drawing. I used to have that since I never had 'free' time to draw, and you kind of become rusty :(

09-12-06, 12:49
ahhh it sucks when that happens. I get it from time to time.

Tell you what you might find helpful, life drawing classes. :) They helped me improve so much and they are quite fun