View Full Version : When was the last time...

09-12-06, 17:49

We had 100 members online? :D

Such a popular forum. :tmb:

09-12-06, 17:50
Yeah! It seems like the average amount of members online at any given period in time each week, just keeps growing!

Hybrid Soldier
09-12-06, 17:50
Everyday. :p

Actually, thats only happened a couple times. There were probably other times, but i just didn't notice.

09-12-06, 17:50
errrr sometime last chrsitmas or around TRL etc,

just hazarding a guess, but I thought 100 was relatively low.

09-12-06, 19:21
Oo. That's very nice.:D
Actually, never seen 100 members online..

09-12-06, 19:25
Hmm... Its happening again! just like when new legend stuff would appear! Load balancing every other time you click on a new thread etc. xD TR Hype is growing and will continue until anniversary is out. At least that's my theory *adjusts spectacles*

09-12-06, 19:30
Probably the other day when we had the last TR:A overhaul! :jmp:

I imagine it'll happen more and more often too!

09-12-06, 19:31
102 online atm.

09-12-06, 19:32
I wonder if the forum will have another member boost with AE just like with Legend when it was released.

09-12-06, 21:22
Oh that's nothing. Just wait till AE is released :)

09-12-06, 21:42
Wasn't the most users online about 1000 at one point? I kind of remember hearing something about that a while back.

09-12-06, 21:49
Well I went on a forum once and the Who's Online bit covered the whole page and I'm viewing it on 1200 x 1100 or summet like that.

09-12-06, 21:52
100 of us "named users":cool:! Well noticed, Titanium, & nice to get that screen shot!:tmb:

Wasn't the most users online about 1000 at one point? I kind of remember hearing something about that a while back.Hi there Mr.B, good to see you! Yes, I remember that here too.:)


Tomb Raider Master
09-12-06, 22:10
Just wait till AE is released :)

Yeah, it'll probably be just like when Legend was released, which was, BTW, the time we had the most users online, as Mr.Burns said. :)

09-12-06, 22:42
That's cool. I've never seen that many members or guests online.