View Full Version : TR2 sounds all messed up

10-12-06, 14:12
i recently obtained the ISO of TR2 and TR2-TGM (the original discs are in my attic)
and there are some sound issues which i need resolving:

*no title music on title screen
*in the cutscene after the first level, theres no speech, but THERE IS the title music
*absolutely no ambient sounds, just sound effects (i'm sure the game didnt start off this quiet)

golden mask is the same.
i dont know what to do -and which files to do it to -but if anyone can help, much apreciated.

10-12-06, 15:38
Right-click on the Setup shortcut in Start > All Programs > Core Design and apply Windows 98/ME compatibility mode.

The CD must be in your first player, the one with the lowest drive letter ("D" is lower than "E").

ALWAYS quit the autorun menu. ALWAYS launch the game from the shortcut in Start > All Programs > Core Design on which you applied the Windows 98/ME compatibility mode.

10-12-06, 19:42
see thats the thing - i've only got the ISO to hand.
any other ideas?

10-12-06, 20:41
Dig up your originals from the basement and follow above instructions exactly.