View Full Version : Tomb Raider 1 cd required?

10-12-06, 14:56
Do you need the cd when you want to play tomb raider 1/UB? When it's already installed? :)

10-12-06, 15:33
Yes. The CD must be in your player. If you have more than 1 player, the one with the lowest drive letter ("D" is lower than "E").

10-12-06, 15:43
But i have also seen tomb raider 2 golden mask and tomb raider 3 lost artifact on amazon.com (Both games includes the original game + the extra levels)

Can i buy them safe even if it says the games are for windows 95 and 98?

What if there are some small scratches on the cd's?

10-12-06, 15:46
Larson. You can play all Tomb Raider games on XP.

Scratches? You should ask amazon what to do when the cd's are damaged.

10-12-06, 16:02
do i have to download the golden mask levels and lost artifact levels or can i install them right from the cd?

And one more thing. Does it matter at all what version it is? like Premier collection, original or whatever! :)

I'm so curious and excited on how this is!

Does Amazon.co.uk ships items to Norway?

10-12-06, 16:32

10-12-06, 16:49
The Golden Mask levels and Lost Artifact levels you can install right from the CD! :)

I have the Premier Collection versions myself. They ARE the originals.

Don't forget to also use our updater after installing the games. >>> Tomb Raider Series XP/Vista Multipatch (Download (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/vista/patch.html) - Freeware) Documention (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/trupdate.html)