View Full Version : Help! IE7.0 and weird font style!

tlr online
11-12-06, 02:09
I've just installed IE7.0 and all my fonts when surfing the net have this kinda weird look about them. Any ideas how to stop this from happening?

tlr online
11-12-06, 02:11
Ignore. Just found Disable ClearType. What a pile of crap that is!

11-12-06, 02:11
hang on...
EDIT: ignored then.

IMO, IE7 is fine.
ClearType is meant for TFT screens, and can easily be disabled.

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Lara Lover

Tomb of Legends
11-12-06, 05:55
How do you do it? I've noticed too.

Lord Icon
11-12-06, 06:06
How do you do it? I've noticed too.

How to disable ClearType in IE7?

Internet Options - Advanced tab - Uncheck Always Use ClearType for HTML. Then restart IE.