View Full Version : cheapest NVidia card for next-gen graphics?

11-12-06, 20:53
So far I only played the "Tomb Raider: Legend" demo but I want to purchase the full version soon.

On my system (AthlonXP 2000, GeForce FX 5200 Ultra AGP), I can play the demo at 1024x768 with smooth frame rate if I disable anti-aliasing and depth-of-field. With those two enabled, I have to switch to 640x480 to preserve smooth motion. Next-gen graphics cannot be enabled.

If I upgrade the card in order to enable next-gen graphics content when I purchase the full game, what would be the cheapest NVidia card that would work? What type, and what would be the average price currently?
It must be NVidia since this is a dual-boot system and a few apps on Linux work better with NVidia than with ATI.

P.S.: What is depth-of-field exactly? What does it do to the image when it's activated?

11-12-06, 21:23
im not sure about the rest but depth of field makes the far away objects etc blurry

11-12-06, 21:31
Hi florinandrei. Welcome to our forums. :)

Depth Of Field helps building the suggestion of distance in the environment, from the viewer's point. The parts in focus are sharp to the eye, while the rest is softer as they are out of focus. This is a dynamic function (changes constantly according to your moves), so very graphic card intensive.

11-12-06, 21:36
To your question about upgrading your graphic card: i am afraid that your desires would require you to upgrade your complete PC.

In short: the best AGP card today requires you to change your PSU as well (as it is powerhungry and your current PSU will likely not meet the requirements). But your CPU is so outdated that you won't meet the result you're after. Your AGP motherboard is not compatible with current CPU's.

29-12-06, 01:22
After a bit of searching, I've found this card:


GeForce 7600GS 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP

What would be the frame rate I should expect from this card with Next Gen graphics turned on in TR Legend at 1024x768? All other effects turned on, perhaps except anti-aliasing.
If I get at least 30fps then it should be fine.

It seems like there's really no 7800 AGP with 512MB, except this one which I can't seem to find anywhere in the US:


I'm afraid I can't upgrade to PCI express at the moment. :( I just can't afford that for now.

29-12-06, 01:36
im not sure if 512mb is that important at the level of graphics card ure looking for. but i would recommend u to get at least an 7600gt (i know Club3D at least has one AGP version) if ure gonna play legend in next gen. as Joseph said, your system is far from optimal for next gen graphics. but if u dont expect that, a 7600GT could do. with a good processor it can run legend in 1280 with a little AA/AF at 20-25 fps. if u turn AA/AF off u should get an acceptable framerate... :)


29-12-06, 01:55
Well with 7600gt you can enable all effects on res 1280x1024 and wont slow down that much:)