View Full Version : Windows Movie Maker!

Lara Lover
11-12-06, 21:41

It keeps on crashing, after I'm just trying to edit a video it keeps crashing. Any ideas? :(

11-12-06, 21:50
Happens with everyone, its a pain. Totally spoiles your work.
Is it like, when you import a video, and chop it, and blend it in ?
Then it freezes, and ur mouse sticks, stops responding, and you lose your
work ?

If so, its a known problem :(

You just have to keep saving OFTEN!

11-12-06, 21:53
What is the clip's extension?

11-12-06, 22:06
Media-rendering is one of the heaviest tasks for a PC. That is why -to that respect- you may never expect good and stable performance on a basic PC; you need good hardware. Preferrably, 1GB of RAM at least, and a fast processor. Besides a fine soundcard, a basic prerequisite is also fully updated Windows (most recent Service Pack, patches and updates), the latest DirectX9.0c and of course the most recent graphics drivers.

So, what are your PC's specs?

13-12-06, 20:15
I've used Windows Movie Maker about 15 times and it's fine for me.

I mainly did RuneScape videos though.