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12-12-06, 16:22
im about to buy 3d max. so i was wondering (reason for me to buy 3d max) if i can build/create/ and take things from the games to remake things with this 3d program... i saw a video of lara dancing i want to make my own tr videos using the 3d max and the tomb raider mod and textures?... can i?..

can someone give me some advices?... can i take the 3d lara from the game, aswell as some other carachters from other games???

Zelda master
12-12-06, 16:35
this should be in Fan Artwork:)

but you can rip Lara with a program called TRviewer and import the TR4 Lara into 3DS max and let her do moves:)

however if you have no idea how the program works i recomment to see Tutorials befor you start using it ;)

12-12-06, 16:44
well thats for tr4,... and for tr 6 and legend??? which program could i use???

do i have to scan tr4 for the model and then to save it as a 3d max readable archive and then open it with it???...

sorry to bother so much

Zelda master
12-12-06, 16:59
well as far as i know you cant rip the models from TRAOD nor Legend...

12-12-06, 17:08
You can have a look at THIS POST (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=79181#3) to see how you can extract a TR4 Lara model and use it in 3D Max. ;)
That tutorial only deals with creating animations for the TR4 Lara model though. There´s nothing in there about other 3D Max features like lighting and creating objects.

As for AOD or Legend models... no idea how to rip them from the game.
I´ve seen some more detailed Lara models around but I have no idea where people got them from. :o

12-12-06, 21:52
the problem is that i want to make movies, videos, fmvs so far, and i could use the tr4 models, but they wont keep the movie updated as she cant move or make face expressions,.. thats the main problem, i wont be able to make real close ups,.. and that probably one of the most important things,...

thats why i tend to look for the model of a more elavorated lara,.. one i can really play with, besides im focusing in aod story, if i can rip lara, i could possibly rip kurtis, and the rest of the models, and based on them i could make much more things like new carachters and so...

12-12-06, 21:55
Sounds very good! :tmb:

Uvavoo posted a link to a more detailed Lara model (for use in 3D Max) not too long ago. If only I could remember which post is was in... (my head is like swiss cheese sometimes, full of holes... :rolleyes: )

I don't know if you can alter Lara's facial expressions in that model though... :confused:

14-12-06, 10:35
If you haven't already bought 3dsmax, I would recommend having a look at Poser. This software is specifically designed for character manipulation and animation. You could map a lara face onto the supplied hi res models. All models contain face morphs etc so you can get a huge range of facial expressions, including eye blinks etc.


also take a look at


Which is similar to poser and has all the same power BUT IT IS FREE!!!!