View Full Version : Chronicles wont run.

13-12-06, 07:53
I already tried everything, like the 2001 patch, and the compatiplity change, but this is all i get:


What is there to try? Is this maybe XP SP2 thing again? I mean if i remember right, ive played TR5 on XP with no problems at all, but it was before SP2.

Lord Icon
13-12-06, 07:59
You will have to start all over.

1. Uninstall TRC.
2. Download and run TRRC (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/trrc.exe) (Tomb Raider Registry Cleaner).
3. Reinstall TRC.
4. Download and apply Tomb Raider Series XP/Vista Multipatch (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/vista/patch.html) before you start the game. If this patch is installed do not used Windows 98 compatibility mode.

The game should run.

13-12-06, 08:14
Thanks Lord Icon.

... guess what? After I installed the XP patch, dated 2001, i forgot to remove the compatipility mode ... but when i removed it, the game started fine :whi:

So, thanks anyway, i downloaded the new patch and the reg cleaner for future use.


Lord Icon
13-12-06, 08:19
Well done, Linden.

13-12-06, 08:33
i forgot to remove the compatipility mode ...

Ummmmm....... The patch should have removed the compatibility mode automatically? I'll check it out this evening.

Lord Icon
13-12-06, 08:40
Morning Sim,

Linden used the older patch not the newest one. But I guess it would be nice to check the multi-patch if that function is operational.

13-12-06, 16:56
Yes in the new updater that function is operational, no worries. :)