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13-12-06, 10:08
I'd say the the most scariest TR's are


13-12-06, 10:12
The freakies parts for me =

TR1 groaning the mummies / atlanteans make when out of sight
TR2 Spiders
TR2 Yeti's screeching
TR5 Labyrinth also freaked me a bit, can't remember why now - I've not played it in years.

the hooliganz
13-12-06, 10:20
TR2: The Chanting in Temple of Xian, in the water
TR2: The Whole Floating Islands Level
TR5: All the levels in Black Isle Episode

13-12-06, 11:06
TR2 - Level before "Home Sweet Home".. that dragon, when it chases you.. that's scary..O__O

13-12-06, 11:08
Tomb Raider II probably but that was so long ago. I was only 9 years old.

13-12-06, 11:13
Home Sweet Home really used to freak me out when I was little too - I hated going outside her house in the dark, with those shotgun weilding freaks out there :(

13-12-06, 11:52
TR1 = Wolves
TR2 = Yeti's
TR3 = Tribesmen

13-12-06, 11:58
The last time I played TR3 a few weeks ago, one of the Tribesmen actually gave me quite a shock - he seemed to just launch himself out of a cave towards me, and my heart actually skipped a beat :eek: :D

13-12-06, 13:24
TR1 - The 'bacon' mutants
Legend - The price

13-12-06, 13:31
TR1 Collusseum/Palace Midas (I was so afraid to get out of that pool!)
TR2 Ice Palace
TR3 Area 51
TR4 City of the Dead (Cairo levels)
TR5 Labyrynth
TR6 Sanitarium
TR7 Kazakhstan (I was expecting loads of scary mutants lol)
TRA ummmm Im guessing the same:p

13-12-06, 14:00
Legend - The price

Hah! :D

Damn I feel sorry for those who bought it on next gen and felt disappointed. :(

Lara Croft!
13-12-06, 14:27
ΤRI Atlanteans
TRII yetis
TRIII mutants and raptors
TRIV undying sceletons
TRV the creatures in the haunted island
TRVI The Ghost
TRVII ........Nothing really...:D

13-12-06, 14:38
Angel of Darkness: Kurtis: It's been a while since I've played it, but when you're Kurtis and he walks alone in the room with the mutants and the thing that follows you through the airways... I think that was scary, cause I never knew when I was going to use my last pack of ammo.

13-12-06, 15:00
From TRs 1-5 the only thing that has actually sent a real shiver down my spine was the dragon is TR2. They've all had tense moments, but when you're directly in front of that massive dragon, those slow few seconds before you know that the dragon will be breathing fire at you is exhilirating stuff. :)

13-12-06, 17:02
Scary??? Er... Are Tomb Raiders scary??????? Hm, guess, I'll have to replay them another 10 times to be scared.

13-12-06, 17:07
TR1: Mutant Mummies. I just have to hear them, and my heart is in my mouth. Scariest TR enemies ever.
TR2: spiders. Just ick.
TR3: That bloody dog in Aldwych...
TR4: first time I came across the bull... when something was ramming against the closed doors and I had no idea what it was!
TR5: those horrible little mutant baby things in Ireland
TR6: The asylum inmates
TR7: Lara's inability to do anything without a moron (or two) yelling into her ear...

Ada the Mental
13-12-06, 17:26
TR2-The sharks!:yik:
TR3-Nothing really...
TR5-The werewolf in the Labyrinth.He freaked me out when I heard the footsteps and then it showed up out of nowhere!
TR6-Nothing.OK,maybe Brother Obscura,thanks to the amound of times he kelled me...
TR7-.........Maybe the bit where you first jump into the lake in England and hear the sounds the Serpent made.I was so convinced after playing through all these levels without being even mildly surprised that I was a bit taken aback by this...

Legend-The price
A friend of mine bought it recently (I warned her not to,she didn't listen!)60 euros!For a game released last spring!

13-12-06, 17:53
TR3Gold: last level, with the mutants. Lucky, I had my gun handy.

13-12-06, 18:15
Umm as far as I can recall;

tr2 yetis
tr3 sheevas (at least first time effect!), rx-tech mines mutants

13-12-06, 21:16
the original tomb raider was the scariest. Probably because of the bone chilling music, and that fact Lara is so isolated in tombs full of danger.

13-12-06, 21:56
Hmm Scariest moments...there's so many in the classics!

TR1: There was one time where I ran straight into a spike pit, the way it happened to suddenly and that sound as she fell just made me jump...not an obvious choice but it was just one of those moments that can't be repeated...

TR2: Either the Yeti Room or Home Sweet Home.

TR3: The mutant in the first Antarctica level who suddenly comes alive and spews a load of green poisonous stuff over you.

TR4: I honestly can't remember any standout moments...I'm surprised.

TR5: Those demented little things on the Gallows Tree level in Ireland

TR6: (More a moment of panic) When the cage in Eckhardts lab starts sinking down into the Acid (or whatever it was).

TR7: Again, no scary moments that I can recall...I think the game was pretty far removed from that anyway.

13-12-06, 22:50
TR2 - The Yetis in the darkroom, but the scariest was the spider cave the first time. I still jump in there when you jump on to the ledge and the big spider comes! Freaky (I know about the flip back btw)

TR4- The Guardian. Walking down the passage and hearing those noises, not knowing what it was...

14-12-06, 03:41
I'd say the the most scariest TR's are


Yes, the atlantians creep me out every time. That scary sound they make!

Anniversary Lara
14-12-06, 23:09
I'm a frightened person anyway. It only needs an enemy to show up and I'm scared :rolleyes:

A friend of mine bought it recently (I warned her not to,she didn't listen!)60 euros!For a game released last spring!

60 Euros? :eek: That's much! I bought Legend from a website for 23,99 Euros - new!

15-12-06, 04:43
ALL! except Legend :D

15-12-06, 19:06
Oh I forgot - TR1. The 1996th year graphics were too scary..:o

da tomb raider!
15-12-06, 19:09
Every level in Legend scared the **** out of me! It was so frigging scary! :p

Seriously, most levels in TR1 and 4 were pretty scary to me.

in these arms
15-12-06, 20:21
TR3 lots of things but for me? That damned dog in Aldwych.