View Full Version : I hate being sick!!!!!

13-12-06, 11:07
Last Sunday i was feeling a bit sick, not to bad... just kind of a mini cough... Monday i was sicker...i was coughing a lot more and there was a pain in my upper chest so my dad decided it was best for me to stay home... I was sick but not to sick. Then yesterday i was soooo sick! Like the sickest i have ever been... My dad told me to try and go anyway.... plus i didn't want to stay home because i would get behind in my school work so i decided i would attempt to go, Was a bit hard to get around, Once i got on the bus i broke out this really cold and clammy sweat... it was really weird considering it was really cold that morning and i was expecting to shiver not sweat... once i got to school i felt a bit better until the end of second hour when i was on my way to 3rd hour i basically fell to the floor, they had to get people to come to bring me to the office and they had to call my dad to come and pick me up... Then he had the nerve to tell me it was my fault that he had to leave work when he was the one who suggested i go anyway! I am rarely sick, but when i am i get hit hard.

Anyone else ever had this happen while being sick?

13-12-06, 11:54

I dont get sick often either.
But about this time last year i was really sick :(
My voice sounded like darth/vader + yulia :( ( lol ).
My throat was sore, and coughing was painful :(

Worse sickness i can remember having..

worse than whoopin* cough.... but i dont remember it :p

13-12-06, 11:56
It sounds like you had a really terrible day, doesn't sound good at all. I hate being sick myself especially getting the Flu the only thing that gets you through is the thought that you know you'll get better soon.

13-12-06, 12:03
I've had a sore throat for 3 weeks, that is something I hate.

13-12-06, 15:57
I was coughing my brains out for a week recently...

There was also the time I threw up all over the table on Christmas Eve dinner with all my relatives. At least I felt better after.

13-12-06, 16:14
There was also the time I threw up all over the table on Christmas Eve dinner with all my relatives. At least I felt better after.
I'm sorry, but that made me giggle :D

Lots of people are sick this season, but I am lucky to have escaped it :D I just buddel up good and then go outside. Most of my colleagues at school are dressed for Summer :rolleyes: And most of them are sick, serves them right if they show off their t shirts in Winter..

Hope you all will get better! :wve:

Lara Croft!
13-12-06, 16:15
I don't get sick very often,but at least twice a year....Grrrr!!!!!!!

13-12-06, 16:59
Hm, I don't get sick at all. Funny. I must be very lucky.