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13-12-06, 15:32
Isn't it a pain in the groin when your sweet-as-apple-pie landlady goes and sells the property to some complete muppet? Enter Mr Jimbob Wilson, whose name I've changed because printing the real one just makes me angry. Initially it didn't bother me when I heard I would have to send my rent to a different owner every month. Why would it? But then, when I actually met the guy...

It was a cold midweek night in late November. I was ill, confined to my bedroom. The only actions I could muster were making the occasional Lemsip and checking the forums every couple of hours on my laptop. Apart from that, zippo. Nada. Squat. You would have had to have chucked a grenade through my bedroom window to get me on my feet and running anywhere fast, and even then I might have been tempted to just duck down under the quilt and take my chances. Flu is a ***** and then some.

(Life is about to get worse and I just don't know it)

Instead of the grenade thing, a knock on the door sounds out. No, a bang. No, actually it sounded like someone trying to knock the damn thing off its hinges. Even in my state I would have to go and see what was wrong. I grabbed my Japanese dressing gown (well I'm a man of tastes you know), and stumbled down the stairs. Slightly afraid the door might fall on me as I approached it, I made a play for the handle. And got there.

Little Asian guy with bobble hat "Hi I'm your new landlord

Me "Hi I'm Scottlee. (I didn't actually say "Scottlee", although I probably could have got away with it more than "Kill Bill", or "Geck o Lizard", for the record).

Landlord "I need to come in and chat with you and the other tenants".

Me "Well this isn't the best time. Everybody else is out, and I'm ill".

No matter. He barges past me into the living room anyway, and gets some papers out of his bag. These consist of housing forms, contact details, and a rizzler so he can make himself a roll-up. "I don't do standing orders for rent" he says, spreading some baccy out over the top of my new contract. "I want six post-dated cheques for the beginning of each month for the period between now and April. Can you make sure you and the others send them off tomorow?"

I nod my head, wondering why the hell anyone would want to cash cheques every month instead of receiving funds automatically via a standing order. Makes no sense to me. Anyway, feeling right at home now, Mr Wilson decides to go and have a look around the house whilst I stay perched on the sofa coughing my guts up into next week. A few minutes later he comes back.

Landlord "All the rooms are locked up!"

Me "Well they would be. Tenants tend to do that when they go out. Prevents theft".

Landlord "Well what a waste of time this is. I'm off. Make sure you all send them cheques off tomorow".

Charmed I'm sure! The description of that meeting has been edited down for time and clarity. He actually bugged the **** out of me for nigh on half on hour, all the time seemingly oblivious to my coughing, sneezing, and looking miserable. Anyway, not one to let it worry me, I waited a few days to get better and sent the cheques off. Maybe I wouldn't have to see or hear from him again now that he had my money?

(Too much to hope for!)

Today he called me up. I'd like to say that he began the conversation by asking me if I was feeling better, or if I happened to get rid of that tobacco smell from the living room without any problems, or if I happened to catch the footy on Sunday, and if so, what did I think of that dive by Didier Drogba? But nooooooooo! First words were these....

Landlord "Now you listen here. Things are going to get nasty if I don't get them rent cheques, mate".

Me "Now hold on a second. I sent them off a week ago".

Landlord "I don't mean you. I mean them other two in the other rooms. They haven't sent owt".

Me "Well I don't know those two guys. I don't see them around much. I'm nothing to do with those tenants".

Landlord "Well you can get on to them can't you? You can get their backsides in gear. What are you doing, not telling them? I'm telling you, it's going to get nasty".

And blah blah blah.

Now where the hell does this guy get off? No manners. No idea of what he's doing. No politeness. No consideration. He apparantly can't be bothered writing to these two tenants, or contacting them himself. What the hell does he want me to do about it? I rent a room in a shared property as an INDIVIDUAL. I'm not part of a group. There's a difference. Is it my job to go banging on people's doors, people I do not know, chasing debt? Hell no! I'm all paid up six months in advance so leave me the hell alone.

Sorry, had to rant. I'm all wound up :mad:

Come back, Mrs Henderson. All is forgiven. :(

13-12-06, 15:38
WTF! :mad: he has no right!

"Things are going to get nasty" i hope so! but for you Mr. Wilson! :mad:

I am feeling bad for you,you shouldn't have to put up with this!

13-12-06, 15:40
*shakes head* Are you signed into a lease currently?

Lara Croft!
13-12-06, 15:42
Sounds awfull!!!!Still...LOL!!!!I enjoyed your narration!And I would give anything to see a pic of yours in your Japanese dressing gown.....;) :D

Well....why don't you punch him on the face?:D

13-12-06, 15:44
I'm sorry to say I was laughing all the way through that account, but that was only because your description of the event was so funny! Especially the thought of you saying "Hi, I'm Kill Bill" to a little Asian guy in a bobble hat. ;)

All hilarity aside, I think he's bang out of order. Obviously as you were the only one there that night, he regards you of king of the entire household. Personally, I would have told him where to stick it, but that'll probably have a bad effect on your living arrangements. I'm afraid I can't be much help; I've never had any trouble with landlords.

I hope you don't get any bother from him again, anyway.

13-12-06, 16:26
What a (the word begins with a c and ends with a k...)! My sister had problems with her previous landlord when she was at University, she says it was hell and I can only imagine what you might end up going through. Hope you get better and the landlord backs off :wve: Oh I didn't quite understand the layout of this flat your living in, is it several bedrooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom or more like a dormitory with lots of bedrooms down a corridor and a shared kitchen and bathroom?

Jacob x5
13-12-06, 16:34
Obnoxious git.

13-12-06, 16:37
Oh I didn't quite understand the layout of this flat your living in, is it several bedrooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom or more like a dormitory with lots of bedrooms down a corridor and a shared kitchen and bathroom?

The former.

Are you signed into a lease currently?

Not a lease per se, just a six month (for starters) shorthold tenancy.

Well....why don't you punch him on the face?

Because a chainsaw will hurt more.

13-12-06, 16:41
Go plead to the sweet as apple pie one to return!

Well at least you can sit and watch the other get done if they dont pay the rent, surely you can get the landlord done if he starts on you when you've done nothing wrong.

Persoannlly I'd po down the 'mysterious pushed off a cliff or fell into a moving train' path

13-12-06, 16:44
Ahw it sounds enough terrible :( ...Scottlee, I'd say it's always good to know ALL or most important tenant/landlord rights so you wouldn't have to bother yourself with such a ****er.

13-12-06, 16:54
Because a chainsaw will hurt more.

:vlol: Made me a little!

13-12-06, 16:59
What a horrible little git.

Still, look on the bright side. You might have given him a dose of your flu...

Lara Croft!
13-12-06, 17:01
Because a chainsaw will hurt more.

LOL!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D

13-12-06, 17:02
He sounds like a complete and utter ******, if i were you i'd have cancelled the cheques and moved out. This guy will obviously not look after his tenants because he doesn't give a flying toss.

Jacob x5
13-12-06, 17:07
Customers should be respected because they are the most important part of the business: without them, there would be no money. Some people need to realise that.

13-12-06, 17:12
Don't worry J. I'm sure we, in this forum, at least once in our lives have dealed with morons, as long as you have all your stuff right, and updated, you have nothing to worry about, even if your landlord comes and says things are gonna get nasty.

My Landlord didn't even come when my flat caught fire. So there, Landlords can be obnoxious.

You can use the chainsaw, and yeall in a very scottish accent "DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE YE BIG EEYIT!"

13-12-06, 17:16
T. Onix! :eek: you're back from the dead again! That friendly cow avvie was awesome :D

13-12-06, 17:35
T. Onix! :eek: you're back from the dead again! That friendly cow avvie was awesome :D

I know, I just posted my new avatar, and had to let Cow go...:(
She was too big for this forum! I need a shoulder to cry!!!!!!!
Oh, and I wansn't dead, I was in Cryogenia

13-12-06, 18:22
Perhaps the best is to see an attorney and allow her/him dealing with your landlord.

Of course,it's not your business to collect the rents ( I'm sorry,but I've just imagined you doing it in the name of the Nottingham's sheriff :D) but it would be wise to give a word to your room mates,once,actually,that's their duty.

14-12-06, 01:02
Not a lease per se, just a six month (for starters) shorthold tenancy.

Ah, well, I was going to suggest that as soon as the shorthold is up, you get out of there. It sounds to me that this person will end up causing more stress later on.

14-12-06, 01:20
lol @ first i thoiht this was another "poetry" thread. Call 311?

14-12-06, 01:52
Lol, that's a very interesting story you got there Scotlee; you should blast that landlord off. It hits me though, he says things might get nasty... Mmm, what the hell can that mean? He can't do anything against you since you paid your part, and you said you're renting your part as an individual. If he pressures you further, or if he tries to get you out of the household, then the best solution would be to chuck the grenade - that you first mentioned - up his a...err.. well, nevermind. :)

14-12-06, 21:21
I've been given a tip-off. The 'obnoxious git' and his little company are planning on turning the house into an all student property with group contracts. The existing tenancies must be just getting in the way of that.

Looks like I'll be having to move house again come bloody April :(

14-12-06, 21:24
Go and ask him if you can pay the rent of the next 6 months or 6 months on top of what you've already payed. Then if he resists, you know for certain.Anyway hope you win the battle against the obnoxious git

14-12-06, 21:52
People love secrets and hints,etc :D!

My advise is to have a civilized talk with your landlord,asking if he intends to keep the present contract or not.

Then,didn't you tell me the problem was caused due to your colleagues's refusal to pay the rent according to the new system? Perhaps,before jumping to conclusions,it would be sensible to solve that situation,in the first place.

14-12-06, 22:28
Don't know about over there but here in OZ the landlord needs to make an appointment, with 48 hours notice - they can't just barge in. Just check on your situation. If so, throw the bugger out. http://bestsmileys.com/beatup/2.gif You would be within your rights. That'll learn him :tmb:

03-01-07, 17:20
Well this is a good one...

My rent isn't due again until February 1st, and yet I got a note under my door today saying I need to send post-dated rent cheques for the 1st of each month not just for February but for March and April too. Oh, and if I don't do this by the end of the week "Further Action Will be Taken"

Not let me just get this straight by writing it down - I'm currently paid up until January 31st. My rent isn't due, and I'll say those words again, my rent isn't due for another four weeks, and yet I'm being harassed? Is this even legal? It says in my contract I pay a month in advance on the 1st of each month in the mannner specified (cheque/standing order/cash, whatever stated). IT DOES NOT, say anything about sending multiple cheques for future months. And even if I did do that...

- What if the property was sold again in March? My current landlord would posess cheques of mine he would no right to cash but potentially could.
- What if, come Feb 1st, I decided to pay my rent with a cheque from a different account other than my current one?
- What if I decide, for reasons unrelated to this business, to change bank accounts between now and Feb1st, thus rendering my future cheques obsolete?

"Further action will be taken"

Is this guy for real? I'm currently paid up until the end of January! What would a judge say? "The defendant is charged with being completely up to date on his payments. Thus, we sentence him to two years in prison!"

03-01-07, 17:24
Yes you are being harassed. ;)

You need to call the Police.

03-01-07, 18:46
Unless its stated in the contract that you have to pay in advance that far, then I guess he can't do it

03-01-07, 18:50
This can't be right. Go and talk to Citizens' Advice.