View Full Version : My Mozilla Firefox seems to be all messed-up and off-center, how do I fix it?

14-12-06, 08:35
Hi, I have never had this problem with Firefox before, but all of a sudden as I was using it a little while ago, I must have accidentally done something to make it go all off-center and I don't know how to make it go back. It's like this no matter what site I try to go to in Firefox. I have other browsers and they still work fine but all my bookmarks and settings and everything are in Firefox. I restarted my comp and it was still like that. I even upgraded to the latest version of Firefox and it was still like that.

What I mean by off-center is that everything is pushed off and stretched out off the right side of the page, and I have no way of scrolling past that point. Even the address bar is stretched out and goes off the end of the page.

Does anyone know how this might have happened and if there is any way to fix it? Thanks!

14-12-06, 09:35
Can you see the main menu string/panel?

14-12-06, 09:48
You mean File, Edit, View, History, and all that? Yeah that's there.

14-12-06, 10:04
So try to export your Favourites first, and then use it in alternate browser.
Then just wait untill we find a solution about Firefox...

BTW, in View submenu or somwhere in browser options must be one which controls all this (I mean panels position) ;)

14-12-06, 10:13
Ok, I've exported my favorites, so that's fine for now. Hopefully I can still figure out how to get Firefox back to normal though. It's normally the browser I use 95% of the time. I've looked in the View menu, in browser options, and everywhere else, and can't seem to figure it out. None of the listed options do anything to change this.

14-12-06, 10:31
Can you click the toolbars space with right mouse button? If yes choose Customize from the context menu and press "Restore default set" button there...

14-12-06, 11:26
That didn't work either. The only thing that ended up working was doing a complete uninstall of firefox, deleting all traces of it from my comp including registry files, and then reinstalling. Go figure.

Thanks for your help though.

14-12-06, 11:50
Anyway you have your Favourites safe ;)

14-12-06, 18:39
Are you using the latest version? It is strange it is happening.. Try a cold re-install (as in backup your data, uninstall, re-install, add data back in).

You could always try the newest Alpha version of Firefox 3, Gran Paradiso.


16-12-06, 18:12
Is it just Firefox or is it the whole computer screen?

I use Firefox a lot too - using it now in fact :P - and I haven't had this problem. Are you using any add-on themes?

16-12-06, 18:17
Un-install it first > Reboot machine. Then try re-installing.