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tlr online
14-12-06, 20:30
Here you go folks. The other half of last week's IOTW is now online and unmarked. Sorry it's a day late. :o Enjoy!

Lara Croft TV - IOTW (http://www.laracroft.tv/iotw.html)

14-12-06, 20:45
Thanks Justin :)

Is it just me or does her stance - particularly her arms - seem strange to anyone else?

14-12-06, 20:47
Defiantly, she seems to look really bulky but not fat.

14-12-06, 20:50
She does look a bit broader, but not manly..

tlr online
14-12-06, 20:55
I think it's her legs that are a bit too muscular.

14-12-06, 20:59
I think it's the way she's holding the guns. Her arms and the way she's holding them are too stiff and forward-pointing. Much better IMO to have her arms slightly bent, more relaxed.

(I'm saying this with no idea how you're supposed to hold firearms you understand :whi:)

14-12-06, 20:59
Finally, a realistic picture!

Not only was stupid to present an unreal woman, with that generous torso and ,then, completely skinny and skeletal legs,as muscular legs do fit an adventurer like Lara.

She must practice a lot of exercise,she puts herself on situations demanding lots of effort,of course she must be muscular!

Thank you for the pic,Tlr :).

Tomb Raider Master
14-12-06, 21:30
Thankies! :wve: