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14-12-06, 21:32
Have you heard of Zudeo? I just got the link from my dad, it looks like a cool program. Its point is to be able to download high quality videos.
It is not an illegal sharing program.

You can download it here (http://www.zudeo.com/az-web/app) :wve:

14-12-06, 21:33
Oooh... Its powered by Azureus.. They make a great torrent program.

So I am assuming that all the videos are back ended with torrents? That could make the downloading slow though..

14-12-06, 21:35
Yup, it's a torrent program. It's not slow, though, what makes you think that? I find torrents faster than some other downloading methods [depending on the seeds of course].

14-12-06, 21:42
Well yeah, I find torrents faster than most methods too. But I meant that it can be unrealible at times, if there are no seeders/downloaders of course.

But I have downloaded it anyway, and it looks like an updated version of Azureus. But it looks good and I'm gonna try it out.

Thanks for posting,

14-12-06, 22:50
oho! hd quality! Thanks Kam :tmb: