View Full Version : Watched Miami Vice just now..

tlr online
15-12-06, 04:06
Pretty good movie, if you can look past Colin Farrell's American accent. (he's Irish, b/w). I wasn't expecting much from yet another 90s remake, but this wasn't half bad. :tmb:

Great soundtrack too!

15-12-06, 04:16
Proper version ? Must see this myself sometime.
The last pirate I saw was batman, bad quality

tlr online
15-12-06, 04:23

15-12-06, 04:25

You called?

(Colin Farell is hot) *drools* I want to see this movie.

15-12-06, 09:41
It was ok i thought, the best bits were the shooting though, it seems they really researched the real effect of weapons and not the hollywood stuff. It did seem a little over complicated though and it didn't need to be.


15-12-06, 14:54
I watched the show all the time with my dad when I was younger, but the movie didn't really seem appealing to me.

Lara's Boy
15-12-06, 14:56
The only reason I would watch this movie is for Gong Li :cln:

I used to live across the street from one of the exec producers or somesuch form the TV show; now he runs a sort of wild-life preserve; it took a little bit getting used to hearing lions and bears roaring at night, lol