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Mister Croft
15-12-06, 18:07
Hi, i just got my new computer ( the other one crashed:cen: ) and i need a codec pack for my media player, so i can watch my Chucky movies ( they are movie files burned on a 700mb cd)
Can anyone help me, i dont wanna download anything with virus.

Merry Christmas Everyone:D

15-12-06, 18:16
Try this one: http://www.xpcodecpack.com/ :)

Mister Croft
15-12-06, 19:03
Thank you:D
Merry Christmas :)

15-12-06, 19:53
Congrats on your new PC> :D

15-12-06, 20:27
Indeed i forgot to say: congratulations with your new PC, Mister Croft. :tmb: I know how it feels! :D