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16-12-06, 16:26
Alright, about a month ago, I came home to turn my computer on, and found that it loaded and everything, but nothing came up. It would go blank when the start up music would chim in. I came to the conclusion my computer got a virus, the last thing I was doing before I turned my computer off last was download and update for iTunes, and update my computer system. IN addition to that, my firewall had not been working for some time.

ANyways, my dad worked on it and everything ended up wiped out. SO I had to started over from day one with my computer.

Now yesturday, I went to go fire up KOTOR2 (a glitchy game I might add) and the screen goes completely blank. I could still hear computer bings when I pressed buttons, although I didn't hear any of the KOTOR music. So I figured if I just restart my computer it will start working fine. So I shut it off pressing the button on my PC. I watch the windows loading screen, then the music chims in and there is nothing. I discovered this time around, it does completely load, there's just no picture. I can hit the Start button, pull up the start menu, go to shut down, and put my computer into stand by, shut down, or restart. I just can't see it working but a sign of it because the lights on my pc flicker.

My father thinks its something to do with my Video Card. I'm not exactly sure, so I decided to ask the fine experts here at Tomb Raider Forums. XD

What do you think is wrong, and how can I fix it?

16-12-06, 17:09
Sounds like the Graphics card drivers to me.

Start the PC in safe mode and uninstall the graphics card then reboot and install the latest drivers.