View Full Version : who do YOU want to win the x-factor

16-12-06, 18:12
ray or leona. Who do you want win?
i want leona to win.

Mad Tony
16-12-06, 18:13
I don't watch it.
It's a pile of **** IMO.

16-12-06, 18:14
i dont rally love it either, but my mum does.

16-12-06, 18:26
Leona should win but I have a feeling that Ray has more staying power. And yes, it is a bit crap but its addicative crap nonetheless.

16-12-06, 18:31
I dont watch it, I prefer strictly come dancing, I prefer the BBC top ITV

But from interviews I want Leona to win, Ray has that personality that annoys me

kill bill
16-12-06, 18:33
same as jarhead:D

16-12-06, 18:44
I don't really like either of them, but I'd rather Leona won. I DESPISE Ray, I can't fathom how he's managed to hang on until the finals. He gives me the heebie-jeebies bigtime.