View Full Version : Help wit uploading a video clip

17-12-06, 00:11
Hi Joseph :wve:

With help from Ace 85 I have discovered "Fraps" and have taken a video clip that I now want to upload.
I do have a "Photo bucket" account and would like to upload it there, but so far I have not been successful.
First it takes absolutely ages to upload and when I finally have got to 100%, it tells me there has been a server error and all was for nothing. (That has happened 4 times now and I am NOT happy :mad: )
Do I have to compress the clip (it's about 47 MB) and if so how and where?
Is there another, maybe easier site where I can upload a video clip (links will be greatly appreciated)?

Thank you in advance.

17-12-06, 00:15
Why not Youtube?..

17-12-06, 11:59
Hi Gabi :wve:
Do you want this clip to be viewable or only downloadable? If the first then why not Yourtube indeed? If second - http://www.networkdisk.co.uk ;)

17-12-06, 16:02
Thanks vectra and EscondeR :tmb: .