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17-12-06, 11:47
Anybody read any of the Barry Trotter books?

Mad Tony
17-12-06, 11:47
No, it looks like utter trash! :vlol:
Although I might give it a read just to see what it's like.

17-12-06, 11:48
Are they good?

IMO they look awful...

17-12-06, 11:50
I read a couple of pages of one of them in WH Smith a few years ago. It was pretty funny; a good parody of HP IMO. :D

17-12-06, 11:51
Are they good?

IMO they look awful...

Yeah, they're great. :D

I'm re-reading the first one now. Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody.

17-12-06, 11:53
I started reading Bored of The Rings - the same author and premise, but playing with Lord of The Rings - and I have to say I thought it was absolutely awful.

It's ok to poke fun at things and use satire, but I found this author went beyond that. It was completely insulting to the original material and there was no intelliegence or decent humour to be found IMO.

I gave up after about four or five chapters because I just found its content degrading to read.

17-12-06, 11:57
No, but they sure look fun.

17-12-06, 12:25
There are a few highlights, but for the most part, it sucks. Instead of having a story, the author just seemed to have the idea "I'll make a Harry Potter parody". Consequently, most of the book has little connection, the end is a horrible pile of crap that, according to the footnotes, not even the author himself understands, and most jokes just go straight below the waistline, without any sign of intelligence or being really interested in the original books.

As I said, it has a couple of highlights, so if you got it as a christmas present, I'd say read it, but it's not really worth spending any significant amount of money on. By the way, all the same goes for "The Da Vinci Cod" by the same author (but different pseudonym)