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17-12-06, 17:10
If you where going to be stuck in a big empty room for ever, and you had to choose two tomb raiders to have, what :cen: TWO:cen: would you choose and why?

For me:
1. Tomb raider 4, because of the length
2. *Tomb raider anniversary, because if i want to play tr1, i can play that, and better gfraphics, and new stuff.

17-12-06, 17:12
TR1, I've played it over and over the past ten years, and never got tired of it:)

17-12-06, 17:14
And the other one? *grunts* :cen:

17-12-06, 17:15
Probably TR4, so I will have time to finish it at last :D

17-12-06, 17:16
1.TR II - Because it's my favourite TR game
2. Same as you Phlip.:D

17-12-06, 17:16
Tomb Raider Legend! (I like the cinematics-the graphics...etc) :)

17-12-06, 17:16
Yet again And the other one? *grunts* :mad: :mad: :mad:

Mad Tony
17-12-06, 17:16
And the other one? *grunts* :cen:
Sheesh. :rolleyes:
Don't get so het up, maybe he would only want one? ;)

For me:

TR II - I just love it! :D
TR III - Same as above. :p

17-12-06, 17:17
And the other one? *grunts* :cen:

Yet again And the other one? *grunts* :mad: :mad: :mad:

OMG, calm down, its not the end of the world:mad:

Lara Lover
17-12-06, 17:20
Tomb Raider 1.
Tomb Raider Legend.:wve:

dox online
17-12-06, 17:25
trle- i will make my games

tr1-hardist game ever

17-12-06, 17:32
TR4 and TRC. :)

dox online
17-12-06, 17:33
TR4 and TRC. :)

17-12-06, 17:35

These were the first two TR games I owned and are my favourites. :)

17-12-06, 17:46
I'd take TR2 and TR3.

Mona Sax
17-12-06, 17:48
TR1 and TR4. 1 because it's the original TR and IMO still has the best level design, 4 because it's the longest and has the nicest environments and story.

Jacob x5
17-12-06, 17:51
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (often abbreviated to TRLA or TR4 :ton:) and Tomb Raider: Chronicles.

Like Titanium, I think these are my favourites.

17-12-06, 18:00
TR2 - the first tr game I ever owned. Never finished though.

TR1 - the game that pulled me in to the series when I first watched a friend play it.

17-12-06, 18:52
Tr2 & Tr3

17-12-06, 18:55
TR1 and TR4. 1 because it's the original TR and IMO still has the best level design, 4 because it's the longest and has the nicest environments and story.

:hug: Stole my words! :D

17-12-06, 18:57
TR 1 Cause I've never played it and REALLY WANT TO.
TR Legend I know this sounds nuts, I mean the game itself was too short but who better to keep you company than Zip and Alister? :) I could play the game over a million times cause I wouldn't feel so loneley. :p

17-12-06, 19:01
TRs 3 and 5. Nice lengths for both, but not too long, and I could probably make time attacks out of them if I got bored enough.

Lara Coft Baby
17-12-06, 19:31
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness this was one of my favorite Tomb Raider games. And Last Revelation, it long and very challenging for me. :p

da tomb raider!
17-12-06, 19:36
Tomb Raider 3 and Tomb Raider, my favorite Tomb Raider games. :D

17-12-06, 19:38
TR3 and either 2 or 5 hmmm

17-12-06, 19:45
I'd choose the 4th and the 1st,but still love 'em all!

17-12-06, 19:48
TR4 because it's my favorite and TR5 because the box contains Level Editor. Building a level takes a lot of time, so I think I could spend my time with it.

17-12-06, 22:10
*wonders whether to only pick one, just to annoy Phlip*

Hmm, well...TR3 and the LE for me.

17-12-06, 23:41
TR1 - Loooove the game =3
TRLegend - It's the latest game so the levels are still a bit fresh.

18-12-06, 00:43
Tomb raider 3 because it was my first game :)
and tomb raider legend for the wanderfull graphics

18-12-06, 02:39
1. I would burn TR2 and TRAOD onto one disk,
2. TRC (it comes with the LE)

^^ :D

18-12-06, 03:47
That's a tough one... I would probably choose Tomb Raider 2 for enjoyment, and Tomb Raider 4, one that I haven't finished.

18-12-06, 04:04
Tr1 and tr4 all the way for me! :tmb: