View Full Version : GCSE English speech. Suggestions?

17-12-06, 19:38
I missed a lesson about my English speech. I need a really good (yet brief), interesting topic to talk about. Anybody suggest any random topics, I might like one of them.

17-12-06, 19:42
Get a subject your interested in, its much easier talk about stuff you like.

17-12-06, 19:42
Tomb Raider! :tmb: Seriously, just go on about it. If it's a topic you know about then you could go into lots of stuff :tmb:

17-12-06, 19:57
What Rivendell said. I did Tomb Raider for my English GCSE speech, and I got an A. :D So it's obviously not a bad choice of subject.

17-12-06, 20:01
I did Tomb Raider too! I got full marks as well!:D

17-12-06, 20:04
I did mine on the obsession with reality tv. :)

17-12-06, 20:09
Do you have to do it in front of the rest of the class?

17-12-06, 20:14
My friend done hers on linned paper, no joke.

She got a B I think, she supported her conversations with loads of facts and opinions on why she thinks linned paper is a good invention

I done mine on chocolate, but yer Tomb raider seems a pretty good choice, that or languages.

17-12-06, 20:56
I'm considering tomb raider.

But of I do languages, what could I say lmao?:p

Jacob x5
17-12-06, 20:58
With this project nobody can tell you what to do I'm afraid. It can seem difficult to get going at first, but eventually something will come to you and you will be on your way. :) Last year we got a practice at this and I seriously messed it up, but this year we did the real one and I got an A* for it. I'm sure you'll do fine. :)

17-12-06, 21:08
Do it on your never-boring, always exciting life :)
You could go on for hours, whether its about mills/dramatic teachers/ cuppa soup, you aint gonna dissapoint ;)