View Full Version : OMG This girl is sick...

18-12-06, 07:42
she claimed she's the girl in her friendx video, but thats my sister in the video! :o
Here she is [*link removed] Do u think i shud message this girl to take down the video?
Sorry i jus wan some attention here.. =.=

18-12-06, 07:45
Okay, so is your sister the Ronald Macdonald girl:confused:

Jacob x5
18-12-06, 07:56
I don't know exactly what you're asking.

But welcome to the forum, anyway. :D :wve:

18-12-06, 08:52
I don't get it :confused:

18-12-06, 11:08
Sorry i jus wan some attention here.. =.=

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