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18-12-06, 08:44
Ok in the Movie www.imdb.com/title/tt0424095 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0424095) is a Rat named Rita and she has an Outfit that is similar to Lara Croft in a way and she does Acrobatics and stuff that kept me thinking of Lara in a Rat form, it was a very nice Movie with very Funny bits in it.





Jin Uzuki
18-12-06, 08:49
Ah, yes she does! AND similar hair! Who knows, may be this rat was built around the icon that is Lara Croft. :D Thanks for sharing, daventry. :tmb:

18-12-06, 09:01
I want to see this movie ! :jmp:

18-12-06, 09:08
There are lots and lots of funny Spoofs from other Movies in this Film.

The Wallace and Grommit Suit, when Roddy goes through his Wardrobe.

The Yellow Spandex from Wolvirine in the X-Men Cartoons.

The Slugs who sings a a small verse from Ackon - Lonely.

18-12-06, 10:45
The posters for that movie are all over town where I live! But yeah I do see a bit of Lara Croft there. Maybe a hint of Austin Powers to, if the Union Jack is anything to go by.

18-12-06, 14:41
I was thinking the same, when I looked at it's poster for the first time :D