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Arron TR
18-12-06, 16:40
Anybody know any good grpahic software I have a lot of software myself but I just want to see what other people use oh post pics of stuff u have made to! :D :D

18-12-06, 16:42
I used to work with corel draw...but since I heard about the 3d modeling and maya...:D

18-12-06, 17:09
I find Photoshop CS2 best for graphic design, and I'm sure many others will agree with me.


18-12-06, 17:13
Corel Paint Shop Pro. :tmb:

Alex Fly
18-12-06, 17:57
Photoshop ! :tmb:

18-12-06, 18:33
for vectors, there's nothing better than illustrator (live trace rocks my socks!). i like photoshop for images and fireworks for web graphics and bitmaps.

18-12-06, 18:38
Photoshop all the way! :tmb:

18-12-06, 18:43
Photoshop all the way! :tmb:

Yep, nothing beats photoshop

22-12-06, 12:57
For vector images I have found CorelDRAW to be far superior.
I'm not familiar with Photoshop; CorelPHOTO-PAINT is my choice for raster images and I have no complaints about it.
Then for 3D modelling it would be Autodesk 3D Studio MAX.